Because of distancing and cross infection concerns, the following changes have had to be implemented. These are designed for not only your safety, but also the staff, and those coming after you.

Prior to your appointment you will be asked to complete the medical questionnaire which you will find, and be able to submit, on the COVID FORM page of the website.

On the day of your appointment you are asked to arrive reasonably close to your appointment time. As the waiting room will to all intents and purposes not be open and parking space limited, it is probably easier if you can arrive and wait in your car. You should then phone the practice to let us know you are here. Please then wait until you receive instructions from the Reception Staff. If you are late for any reason your appointment may have to be rescheduled. To effect social distancing the passage of patients into and out of the practice has to be carefully managed.

You are asked to bring as little as possible into the surgery but remember to bring your own pen and wear a face covering when entering the Practice.

You will be asked to wait in the vestibule until instructed otherwise by the Reception Staff. They will first enquire as to your Covid experiences and then take your temperature.

You will then be asked to sanitise your hands . It is worth noting that there will be no toilet facilities and the toilet sealed. The air dryer will also not be working so hand towels will need to be used, care in the disposal of these into the bin is requested.

You will then be able to proceed to the surgery but again care is requested in not touching anything, walls etc. These precautions will need to be made very clear to children.

Parents with children are asked that one parent attends with one child, swapping if necessary. If a child is not attending for treatment then child care should be arranged.

Once your examination is concluded there will be a brief discussion as to the best way forward. Where treatment is simple a time can be agreed on for another day. When there are options or other considerations and time is pressing you may well be asked to take away a treatment plan for consideration and an appointment made subsequently on the phone.

The receptionists are tasked with trying to keep everything running smoothly and the time they have to deal with you, or that you can wait at the desk will consequently be limited. With anything potentially complicated they may well ask to phone you back at a later time.

Whilst the telephone remains the easiest way to contact the surgery there will be times when you do not get a reply. You can leave a message or contact us via the web site or e-mail. Some initial enquiries might result in your being directed first to the website.

At all times you are politely asked to follow any and all instructions even though the reasoning may not be immediately clear. You are also asked not to socialise with other patients within the premises leaving this until you get outside. At all times you are asked to maintain the prescribed social distancing measures.

Just as you rely on us to mediate against any potential risk to health, we would ask you to reciprocate, in good faith, by care and thoughtfulness in following the measures outlined and granting us a little patience in trying to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

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