Following on from the Prime ministers announcement on Saturday evening, as an essential Medical Service we are planning to keep our practice open .We will continue to adhere to enhanced and rigorous infection control procedures to keep our patients and staff safe. 

The impact of Covid 19 has meant that we are subject to new and stringent rules which will unfortunately impact on the way in which we can provide treatment. We would like to apologise in advance for the inconvenience that this will undoubtedly cause. They are, however, based on the advice handed down to us from our regulatory bodies and strict adherence is necessary to provide a safe environment in which you can be treated. Sadly these guidelines are going to inhibit the amount and the nature of the treatment we can currently offer you, although we hope for a gradual relaxation as the pandemic eases, testing becomes more commonplace, and a vaccine available.

As a profession we are well versed in infection control measures but the nature of the transmission of this current virus places a considerable strain on many of our treatments, a great many of which involve the use of a water producing spray. This means that when tiny droplets are released into the air they act as potential source of infection via inhalation or by the touching of contaminated surfaces once they settle. Such procedures, when carried out will require us to wear full Personal Protective Equipment, and to wait between appointments before deep cleaning the surgery. Whilst we are taking measures to enhance air exchange within the surgery there is currently little else we can do to get around the problem. As a consequence we are currently concentrating, where possible , on the safest alternatives. This in turn means that the Hygienists will only be scaling by hand and not polishing teeth.

The way in which this will currently work is that any patient seeking treatment may have to be seen first  for an assessment of the problem. We are still able to do some simple fills, provide temporary fills, dentures and extractions, but anything involving an aerosol generating procedure will probably have to be planned. Where pain is the problem palliative treatment might have be offered first.

We are also suggesting that patients keep up to date with their routine appointments so that appropriate and timely advice can be given.


To prepare you for what to expect on your next visit you should see the COVID CHANGES page. This will be up-dated periodically to reflect any changes in guidance. You will also need to fill in the medical form on the COVID FORM page and send it back to us ahead of your appointment.

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